Great plants to put in now!

This new shorter-statured "Butterfly Bush" only gets 5-6' tall and is much easier to place in most gardens than the larger varieties.  Want humming birds and butterflies in your garden?  This is a favorite of theirs and it has a long blooming time (June to October) It can take our low water restrictions in California; and deer leave it alone.

Looking for a good home, while happily blooming in the Cottage Garden, this extremely hardy, long-blooming and low-maintenance jewel doesn't ask for much other than good drainage.  They actually benefit from some dryness....and oh yes, deer don't like them!

Be prepared for clouds of exquisite, eye-catching, scarlet-red flowers! “Pineapple sage” blooms late in the Summer thru Fall providing a nectar oasis for hummingbirds!  We humans can enjoy the sight & a sweet ripe pineapple scent (& taste!) from the crisp, yellow-green leaves.  This is another deer-resistant and low-water plant.