You can reuse 1974, 
1985 and 2002 
calendars for 2013!
We have some great ones at the Cottage now!
They have been hiding in my steamer trunk for many years because I couldn't bear to throw them away.

After some travels, we have added 
lots of new things to the Cottage!

May the Joy of the Holidays bring you smiles and warmth!

New Jeanne d' Arc Living magazines are here!

If you have not picked up this beautiful magazine while in the Cottage you have really missed a treat!
Printed in Denmark, featuring Nordic French style living, we are constantly inspired by the pictures and ideas we see here. 

Our new dress forms reflect the ideas we got from looking through the lovely pages.

There are no advertisements, so really each issue is more like a coffee table book.
The issues are now $20 instead of $30, and we do have a limited number of back issues.

Fabulous New Stuff today

We just got in this vintage Bronze Cupid.
He is 23 inches tall and super heavy, but oh so classic!

We are Back From Shopping

Shopping is the most fun part of the business for me. I am so excited to bring what we found on our last week's trip to Oregon into the Cottage. Here are a few pics to show off.

Of course,
French things are the
most prized "finds".