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Our Memorial Day Sale wraps up today, with lots of garden items, some marked down 20%!


This Industrial cart once hauled barrels it's a Coffee table with personality as well as function.

Don't forget, our Memorial Day sale, Sat - Mon.
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Memorial Day gift ideas

We have a large selection of suitable gifts to honor  your special veteran...

20% off selected items all weekend, and another sale at the shop next door, so come on out and find a one-of-a-kind treasure!

Beat the heat, more plants to put in

An EASY TO GROW, outrageously cool pollinator party plant for the dry garden.  Mid-Summer to Fall blooms are much loved by bees & butterflies & make different, fun cut flowers too – fresh or dried!  Heat, poor soil, & drought tolerant but prettier with occasional Summer water.

Anchusa Azurea Alkanet...
You could drive a truck over this long-lived awesome perennial without doing more harm than breaking a few branches. Tough as nails & long-lived, it’s heat & drought tolerant, deer & snail resistant. Want more? Okay, lots of bright truest royal blue “Forget-Me-Not” flowers display for months on sturdy multi-branching stems.

Great plants to put in now!

This new shorter-statured "Butterfly Bush" only gets 5-6' tall and is much easier to place in most gardens than the larger varieties.  Want humming birds and butterflies in your garden?  This is a favorite of theirs and it has a long blooming time (June to October) It can take our low water restrictions in California; and deer leave it alone.

Looking for a good home, while happily blooming in the Cottage Garden, this extremely hardy, long-blooming and low-maintenance jewel doesn't ask for much other than good drainage.  They actually benefit from some dryness....and oh yes, deer don't like them!

Be prepared for clouds of exquisite, eye-catching, scarlet-red flowers! “Pineapple sage” blooms late in the Summer thru Fall providing a nectar oasis for hummingbirds!  We humans can enjoy the sight & a sweet ripe pineapple scent (& taste!) from the crisp, yellow-green leaves.  This is another deer-resistant and low-water plant.

Mother's Day event!

Missed the oil-tasting and art party? we have a selection Bocabella's products for sale at the Cottage... Both their silver-award oil, and their gold-award oil in gift packs. 

We also have a great oil and lavender body salt-scrub from Boccabella. These and other items we carry make great Mother's Day gifts! And on Sunday, we will be celebrating Moms with tea and complimentary flowers, so bring Mom in for some pampering!